The day I got engaged was blissful. My boyfriend took me on a surprise trip to a mountain resort and popped the question at the top of a scenic chairlift ride. We were high up in the mountains, surrounded by God’s creation with out feet dangling thousands of feet in the air. This was the ultimate declaration of love and commitment from a man afraid of heights. To top it all off, the moment was captured by friends of ours who are a photographers/videographers and also, coincidentally, the people who set us up. The thought and attention that went into this day astounded me. I was thrilled to be engaged and giddy to announce this life change to all of my dear ones. My elation, however, went unparalleled and I struggled to recover from the let down of the events that followed my engagement.

The thrill of what transpired at the top of our scenic chairlift carried well into the afternoon and only began to wane during our first encounter with reality. We went to lunch with our photographer friends and our engagement announcement prompted our server to respond “I’m so romanced out”. Ouch. Reality bites. We continued to ride cloud nine throughout the late afternoon and casually announced the engagement to close friends and family via text message and alerted the masses with a posts on social media. Nearly, everyone responded with congratulations and excitement, yet in a weird way we felt unsatisfied.

Not a single person from either of our families called. Some good friends commented on a Facebook post rather than calling me or sending a personal text. It was a lonely first 12 hours of engagement. Even after returning home our first encounters with immediate family were casual and unexciting.

The cold reception into engagement was difficult to accept. Disappointment and comparison crept into my thoughts and I became bitter. We had done everything right so far. We dated for more than a year before we got engaged, we stayed loyal, we followed God’s commandments for two unmarried people…So why was this happening?

Ultimately, a few friends and family members loved on us and responded in a fashion that we had been expecting but the initial isolation of our big life change left us disconcerted. We had to consciously decide to dwell in the heavenly celebration that was thrown the day we made a commitment to do life together forever as a God honoring married couple. The day we got engaged our Father in heaven smiled and we rest in that. But missing out on the earthly, tangible, over-the-top congratulations was a tough pill to swallow. There were more disappointments to come in the weeks to follow but as a couple we chose to relish the love of our savior and the pride he finds in couples like us. Couples that delight in him and seek his favor among any other earthly blessing.

So if you’ve ever felt lonely or unimportant in your achievements or milestones, you are not alone. Whatever you do for God inside or outside of a relationship, know that he delights in you. He celebrates with you and he is on your side. No earthly response to a victory could even hold a light to joy of your Father.


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